From illogical game mechanics to bad physics, effects and CGI design, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been a HUGE disappointment and one of the worst game launches Ubisoft has ever seen, it can even be compared to the launch of Anthem.

Breakpoint has received very negative feedback from the gaming community, riddled with so much negative criticism I wonder why the game is not yet dead. I am a huge fan of the Ghost Recon series, I’ve spent a good number of hours playing Wildlands and Future Soldier and in my honest opinion this is worst I’ve played!

It’s a fact that any open world game of this magnitude will have a few a bugs, its unavoidable due to the complexity of designing open world maps, but pilots spawning outside cockpits, raining indoors, people sitting on invisible chairs, multiple people having the same attires?

For a company like Ubisoft, this is unacceptable. Its riddled with bugs everywhere from graphics to game logic as there have been a lot of cases where players reported the A.I being unresponsive.

One major factor that caused Breakpoint to fail so much is the fact that Breakpoint is a pay to win game, even though some of the “time save” booster have been removed, micro transactions are common place in most video games but are most of the time limited to cosmetic items such as skins and player emotes.

They aren’t meant to affect the gameplay, doing this just creates a game whereby the guy who spends money the most becomes the most “skilled player”, it just takes that good grinding feeling out of the game added to the fact that the game is 60 bucks.

I did a piece on Breakpoint and I said a lot on how good the game looked and how it had so much potential, lol you can’t really blame me the gameplay trailer was really awesome.

I feel very much disappointed, Breakpoint is a step back for Ubisoft and they know it, Ubisoft is as of now creating measures to prevent this from happening. I just hope this doesn’t affect their upcoming releases.

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