You ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light…“, in the psychotic words of our one and only emerald maniac, our laughing joke, the crowned prince of crime. Welcome.

Through the years, one could say the most iconic rivalry in the entirety of comics , is the Batman and the Joker’s. The perfect balance of the imbalanced.

The Batman with his cool tech, martial arts and insane preparedness for every eventuality, mesmerizes the people at every turn.

But guess who it fails to mesmerize, the Joker. Batman has it all, yet he still manages to be thwarted by a seemingly insane and ordinary man with no special abilities.

Now that amazes me. The almighty Batman can’t seem to keep just one man locked up in a custom made private high tech cell, then what is the point?


credit: Warner Brothers Entertainment

Our supposed bat genius has been played with, tricked, toyed with, tormented and just about fallen for every flag gun or spring clown in a box explosive, and he is yet to learn from it.

The bat can’t seem to handle one man let alone the entire crime infested city of Gotham and you know why that is? It’s because the Batman is a sham, a rich boy who parades around in a bat-suit because of his insecurities. 

credit: Warner Brothers Entertainment

There are many ways Bruce Wayne, the billionaire, can help the city of Gotham, yet he chooses the dumbest…beating the crap out of people.

We all know there is only one man who can make real change, who has no need for a mask or a sobby past, the only one people fear more than the the Batman, our famed Laughing Knight of Gotham city, the Joker.

Now that is a man that inspires true fear in the people. A man with no name, no past and no tolerance. You only get one chance with him…maybe.


credit: Warner Brothers

But at least he doesn’t use kids as canon fodder and calls them “sidekicks”, he rather has the infamous Harley Quinn by his side, and funny enough, she isn’t even a distraction.

Unlike our batsy, who is constantly distracted my the bat family or Wayne Industries or romance with Catwoman.If not these then, he’s playing cat and mouse with some other villain he fails to completely put.

This, in fact questions my perception of batman’s mental capabilities and to be totally honest with you, I think the Joker is a better fit, a man who maybe plays the insanity card just to throw people off, because maybe just maybe, in his insanity he is a simple man with a disorder and a skill for the wicked.


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