Nobleese was quite popular during it’s run and with it slated to get an anime adaptation soon it is no surprise fans are elated, but I for one feel a little anxious, anime adaptations are tricky and if care is not taken this could do it more harm than good.

It was quite a great read on one can argue with that but I feel to a large extent it ended leaving  many of it’s fans dissatisfied, I for one was not content but funny enough this issue does not merely lie with the ending, it runs deep into the story.

Nobleese starts off with so much promise, the characters were amazing, the art just kept getting better and the fights were just splendid, then getting along the way something happened, it all began to feel bland and pretty generic.

Issues like the stiff dialogue had already surfaced from the first issue but now it was something far worse, the villains lacked any real consequence.


If you cast your mind back you would realize the only villains who were memorable in any way with the exception of Crombel were Jake and Marie, maybe you could throw in Yuri and Aris for good sport but with the exception of those four the rest essentially felt like filler.


The main reason this happens is because of just how powerful the two main characters are, that would be Frankenstein and Rai. It really takes a lot out of it after you realize just how powerful those two are.

It’s not even fair to the rest of the bad guys but I think the other issue was the villains with the exception of Crombel and the earlier mentioned ones received little to no character development.


They had no real life, nothing really keeping them dear to us, I mean all you have to do is compare them to the likes of Orochimaru and Madara and you’ll get what I mean. They came and went just as quickly without providing any real consequence to the over all plot.

Guys like Muzaka came along to help things a bit but it really doesn’t change the core issue. A lot of the time we got a lot of build up that merely cumulated in huge explosionfests with literally no real payoff. It was still a fun read though but with a problem like that as much as it pains me to say, that is all it may ever be.

An anime adaptation is always a huge win, but when one things of things like pacing and the likes, you just can’t help but break a sweat thinking, just how are they going to animate those fights that went on for chapters with that kind of exposition. The truth is if this isn’t handled right, it could very well mean the end of the franchise!

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