Welcome to Africa’s Superheroes, a series of blogposts focused on discovering the heroes and villains featured in the works of African creatives.

African comics are on a path of steady growth and each passing day spawns a new character, a new hero, a new warrior. Join us as we enter the exciting world of African comics and thrust into the spotlight, the heroes of tomorrow!


Meet Exo, the protector of Lagoon city and genius tech whiz Wale Williams. After losing his mum in an experiment gone terribly wrong, Wale left to further his education abroad, he would later return after his father goes missing and discover the Endogenic Xoskeletal Ordnance (EXO), the last thing his father was working on before he disappeared.

He also finds Lagoon City under siege by an Organization known as the Creed. The Creed is a terrorist cell determined to cease control of the country and armed with highly advanced weapon technology.

credit: Youneek Studios

When the city is assaulted by Dreads,  robot soldiers employed by the Creed, Wale is forced to use the Exo suit to repel their assault, essentially saving the city and making his debut as the hero EXO.

Since his debut he has had to deal with all sorts of threats, some connected to him more intimately than he would prefer, more recently he has had to deal with Avon, an android hell bent on annihilating humanity, all pretty typical stuff when you consider the fact that you’re dealing with comics.

credit: Youneek Studios

That said, it should be pointed out that Exo is one of those few stories that show a different side of Africa: it’s desire and drive for innovation and excellence, much like Black Panther did.

Typically African stories have been more grounded in culture, superstition and mysticism, which is not bad to be fair , but in a sense perhaps Exo is to be praised, for daring to look beyond Culture at a new Africa, a highly sophisticated  and technological one, morphed in a sense to be more modern and readily accepting technology for the universal tool it actually is.

Credit: Youneek Studios

Perhaps if given a chance Wale Williams could be the hero not just Africans deserve, but the one the world needs! You can find out more about Exo on at youneek Studios by going to, that’s all for now, until next time!

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