Welcome to Africa’s Superheroes, a series of blogposts focused on discovering the heroes and villains featured in the works of African creatives.

African comics are on a path of steady growth and each passing day spawns a new character, a new hero, a new warrior. Join us as we enter the exciting world of African comics and thrust into the spotlight, the heroes of tomorrow!


Abolaji Coker was your typical university undergrad studying in Lagos until one fateful evening, everything changed!

While hanging with his friend, a group of armed thugs jumped him murdering his friend and abducting him in the process. They would later kill him as well disposing of his body in a nearby ditch ….. I know, that’s one way to kick off a story!….anyway, the thing is the ditch they dumped him into was not your everyday ditch.

It turns out that they actually dumped him into the burial grounds of Adabeja, an ancient warrior who served as a general under Shango himself, and apparently the spirit of Adabeja still happened to be there, imprisoned and desiring his escape.

download (3)

Upon realizing Abolaji’s situation the spirit of the ancient general made him an offer, he would get the chance to reside in Abolaji’s body and in exchange Abolaji would get to return to life, not having much of a choice he accepted and thus Strikeguard was born.

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As Strikeguard Abolaji has superhuman strength and dexterity, his other abilities include flight, enhanced speed and the ability to generate and manipulate lightning. He and Adabeja have thrown down with some pretty menacing opponents including Death itself!

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Abolaji and Adabeja would however be separated after their battle with death, Adabeja coming under the service of Death himself as part of a deal to save the Mother of Abolaji’s lover, Chichi.

They would later on reunite though it is still unclear how, but even more mind boggling is how Strikeguard would reappear in an alternate world, another comic universe to be precise, warning of an imminent crisis …..

okay just so you’re not confused, the thing is Strikeguard was formerly been published by Vortex comics and served as the flagship character for vortex for sometime, but early last year vortex announced the character would now be returning to it’s creator Ayodele Elegba, who happens to be the man in charge at spoof. Since then Spoof have been integrating Strikeguard into their own universe thus making certain retcons necessary!


Anyway the bottomline is Abolaji and Adabeja seem to still have many adventures awaiting them, and it doesn’t matter if it is Spoof or Vortex holding the rights to the character , they will always be the duo that shake the pillars of both the Heavens and the earth!

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