You Can’t Get Enough Of High School Of The Dead!

Now for many of those who know High School Of The Dead, you will agree with me when I say this anime was very addictive. It’s been 10 years since it’s debut, and it’s still that good.

I personally would say it rivals and even surpassed The Walking Dead, a tv show of the same zombie, horror, end of the world apocalyptic vibe. The Walking Dead used to be a personal favourite of min, but as many shows go- it declined in quality. HSoTD however did not.

So what’s this anime about and what makes it so addictive?

Credit: Madhouse Studio

As the name suggests, The whole story plot centers around high school students who have to battle for survival with the undead.

A very simple twelve episode storyline, with many questions left unanswered is enough to pique your interest. That’s why many anime fans-myself included, still wait for a continuation.

Here’s why it’s addictive:

It’s Partially Ecchi.

Credit: Madhouse Studio

Enough said. You guys know what I’m talking about! And hey there’s always something for the girls too as well. I’m not going to describe what goes on, but honestly if you’ve watched it, you know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t watched it, kindly check it out. I trust that you won’t rerget it.

Saeko Busujima.

Credit: Madhouse Studio

Saeko san’s combat skills rival no other. She’s an absolute badass with a wooden sword and a Katana. Her movements are effortless and graceful, and she maintains her composure in all situations.

The Resourcefulness of The Team

Credit: Madhouse Studio

Throughout the anime, you will observe that the team members each play a crucial role that determines their survival. They each employ different strategies best suited to their skillset. We have Hirano the gun freak, who fashions out a make-shift gun out of nails and gas cartridges, Saeko, the badass swordwoman- just to mention a few.

Will HSoTD continue?

The Good News: As at now, it has been confirmed that there is some work in progress for the second season, and fans can rest easy knowing that there is something in the works. The expected. Release dates should fall around Summer of 2020 or 2021. However…

The Bad News: It would come as a surprise to many people who do not know that the original creator of High School Of The Dead, Satou Daisuke, passed away in an unfortunate incident in 2017. He served as the content base of the anime, and his death left the work unfinished. Any continuation would be carried out by a totally different Mangaka.

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