Who Shot Ghost?

It’s the end of the line for Andre Coleman.

Power returns with a continuing episode from the mid-season finale of season 6, and there have been quite some shocking reveals.

Credit: Starz Media

It’s safe to say that after reviewing episode 11 of season 6 our assumptions still hold true. If you haven’t been all caught up with our previous article on this, kindly check it out here.

Now I cannot really say for sure that Andre Coleman’s (popularly known as Dre) death came as much of a surprise, as he pretty much had it coming.

The list of his betrayals are quite overwhelming but at least this rules him out as a suspect in the supposed murder of James Saint Patrick. The episode however did leave some definite clues as to who did not do it.

Credit: Starz Media

We clearly see Rashad Tate hire Dre to do the dirty work of killing Ghost, this clearly eliminates him as a prime suspect in the murder. On the other hand, it would serve as the perfect cover up story to set up Dre in the process. Another theory is that Councilman Tate hired two people to do the same job as insurance, with Dre being the pawn in the process.

Credit: Starz Media

Another key suspect, though quite obvious is Tommy. In the scene right after the gunshot is heard, we see Tommy Egan exit through the back door of Truth. This poses some interesting questions.

Is Tommy not best suited to enact revenge on his best friend? He clearly still harbours resentment against Ghost for the death of his father Teresi, and the death of LaKiesha Grant his former lover.

Although Ghost did not kill her, Tommy does not believe it. Last but not least, if one observes carefully, you would notice that Ghost was shot in the same spot as Angela Valdez was. Coincidence? I think not!

Credit: Starz Media

The possibilities are indeed endless in trying to figure out who shot Ghost. Our prediction that Ramona Garrity did it still stands though.

One thing is certain though, the shocking reveal will come from how he was shot, or there would have to be a someone who is not in the suspect list who could have done it.

A new player entirely, if you will. Fan speculations suggest Kanan Stark may not be truly dead and could have shot Ghost- but this is a far fetch. We have seen this before.

Credit: Starz Media

I just can’t wait for the big reveal and I’m sure my die hard Power fans can relate. We can only wait in anticipation to see what is coming next!

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