I’m 10 billion percent sure that this show flew under most people’s radar as a top tier anime this season. I mean it was going up against fire force, one of the more hyped new shows boasting explosive fight scenes and an intriguing story.

It, like fire force, was running for two courses, the second half just finished recently. Thankfully, it was popular enough to warrant a second season, so it’s not like it’s ending, also it’s one of the top selling shonen manga in Japan.

So why should you watch this. It feels like any shonen show that has come out in the last decade since naruto.

Well that’s where you, reader, are somewhat in your initial assessment. See Dr. Stone is more than just your average power fantasy shonen manga or show that has a main protagonists that grows stronger to combat the next threat.

Well actually it is but instead of a physical threat, like your kaguyas or Freezas, it’s the world, the stone world. Dr. Stone is that new type of shonen that is informative, well written, comedic and most importantly retrospective.

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But before I bombard you with my unbridled praise of the series, here are my criticisms. Oh and most of my criticisms is towards the anime. For example, the animation. The art style does closely mimic its manga counterpart but the animation, the actual movement of the characters, is oddly stilted in some way.

I chalk it up to the type of show it is, given that it shouldn’t necessarily be as bombastic as fire force or my hero academia, and that it is the first season. Most first seasons, especially ones that plan to continue long after, can’t blow most of their finances onto a project that ‘might’ take off.

Thankfully it did so I hope that the second season is more fluid in that regard. To be fair however, it is not nearly as atrocious as Seven Deadly Sins season 3(RIP😔).


My final criticism is with the character writing especially earlier on in the show is weird. I can say unequivocally that the first episode is the strongest, out of the first 6-7 episodes.

It can literally stand on its own. But as the cast gets bigger, the writing decreases a bit in quality, until our lead character meets another group entirely separate from the ones before.

Seriously Taiju is simply a muscle head, Yuzuriha is just the girl and Tsukasa, even with the deep and motivating backstory, is just the might makes right bad guy antagonist to our lead Senku. Thankfully this doesn’t last long because…..

They meet other people, not trying to spoil much but Senku meets a chick called Kohaku and that’s as much as I want to reveal as this part of the show going onwards is by far the best part of the show. The Writing, characters, their interplay with each other and their reactions to certain scenarios introduced in the plot are fantastic.

The plot in its self is so fascinating, opening itself up for many interpretations for readers and viewers to figure out.

The plot is as follows “one day a giant green ray of light envelopes the earth turning every single human on the planet into petrified stones and for 3700 years they remained whiles other animals and plant life remained unaffected, turning our modern 21st century society into the Stone world, a world with no technology.”

Then Taiju wakes up he links with Senku, who’s been up for like six months before Taiju( not a spoiler technically cause he says so in the first episode), and our adventure begins in this stone world.

Can you imagine a world were our technological advancements are setback by centuries, and now Senku, boy or I guess teen genius, has to sprint in a world that started as a walking race because he wants to bring back science. Yh, it’s still shonen but with a twist, his super power is science. Well his knowledge of science and man is it fun.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Poster

I’m not science student but I appreciate the well thought out application of real world science in this, seriously I’m not even kidding most of the stuff Senku is doing you can do it at home even (just don’t do the stuff that will kill you okay, it’s still a cartoon it will kill you cause you the reader/watcher don’t have plot armour like Senku.

I say if you wanna try his experiments do it responsibly) and it’s fun science. Like making wine or making glass or something as simple as filling your bathtub a lot gets explored, most of it in detail.

There are even more science experiments in the show that I haven’t mentioned. And it makes it even more interesting because senku is limited by the technology available, which is zero. It’s like watching a baby build a 6 acre mansion using LEGO’s, it seems impossible.

And yet our ancestors faced this same problem and it’s worse for them cause unlike senku, they didn’t have books and other sources of information as guide books on how to approach situations that senku and friends are facing now.

In all honesty, the science is the highlight of the show and what puts it above its other shonen contemporaries.

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The original soundtrack has this whimsical tone to it like you are actively exploring a whole new world. The openings are awesome and the endings range from cool and relaxing to downright emotional. And I think that to me is what makes dr stone so engaging because grants viewers like me perspective.

It allows you to actually and actively reflect on how far society has come thanks to technology. I mean there have been some negative aspects, lord knows we have been bombarded with those everyday, but dr stone is the antithesis of this negative stigma of science. Saying boldly and proudly that it’s thanks to science that we are what we are now!


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