Wakanda has been fending off invaders since it’s very early history, the likes of the Nazi’s and Knight’s Templar all tried and failed in various attempts to take the kingdom.

In spite of that it has not always been easy, and without further ado let’s get into it: Four times Wakanda was nearly brought to heel!


For generations Wakanda was isolationist, until more recently, this break away from tradition led to the formation of the Desturi, a group bent on returning Wakanda to it’s old ways.

In order to get his hands on the country’s Vibranium Doom orchestrates a coup in which the Desturi cease power. They are eventually beaten back and power returns to the royal family.


During the events of Avengers V X-men, T’challa would offer Wakanda as a base from which the avengers could operate. This would eventually bring it under attack when the pheonix force possessing Namor destroys most of the country.

The Wakandans would rebuild and surely enough return the favor reducing Atlantis to rubble!


During the events of secret invasion, the skrulls had initially hoped Wakanda would be an easy target, it did not take long for them to realize they had miscalculated.

A fierce battle for the city devolved so rapidly that both sides were reduced to using spears, in the end it was Wakanda that would be victorious and their vengeance would be swift and merciless, killing every single skrull that had dared to enter Wakanda, the message was clear: see Wakanda and die!


Thanos comes to earth in search of his last surviving son ; Thane, don’t be fooled, he’s here to kill him not to win a mug for best dad! In order to do this he sends his generals, the infamous black order to attack various key locations on earth, including Wakanda.

After defeating the initial force led by Black Dwarf the Wakandans would be forced to retreat deeper into the Golden city when Proxima Midnight breaks through the gates.

The order would return after Thane betrays Thanos under the influence of Ebony Maw.

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