So I don’t know about you but I kinda hate school, same old routine, assignments, lectures and we never end up with superpowers!

Yes we can all agree school sucks but it ain’t all that bad, after all we do get to learn new stuff and meet all sorts of people heck Universities like UPS  even go out of their way to be real life superheroes, doing their best to aid the disenfranchised but bottom line is SCHOOL SUCKS and unfortunately even the fictional ones aren’t much better, in fact they might actually turn out to be worse!

So Xavier’s school for the gifted seems like a pretty dope place, I mean every body has super powers , your teachers are actual real life superheroes and you’re living in a friggin mansion that hides a jet under it’s swimming pool , that’s awesome right?


well of course, until Apocalypse or some other mutant psychopath launches a deadly attack of some sort!

I’m sure by now you see where this is going? Imagine been in class and never knowing when some super villain is going to attack or even worse imagine studying only to be rudely interrupted by the Juggernaut!


You do not need anyone to tell you the X-mens base of operations is a target and that means it tends to get blown up … A LOT!

In all that madness it’s not far fetched to imagine some of the students actually perish, I can imagine losing a colleague in a major battle or something of the sort.

The fact is living in the X-mansion is just plain madness but of course most of the mutants there don’t really have any better alternatives so, I guess it is a bit comfy!


Now I want you to imagine a roomie who’s snore could cause a mini earthquake, or a classmate who’s fart is literally toxic gas, heck just imagine your resident campus Jerk having super powers, that’s literally hell on earth!

So next time you find yourself day dreaming and wondering why UPS or any other real life University couldn’t be more like Hogwarts or the X-mansion just be glad the way I am that you do not have to deal with the campus getting bombed every other Thursday!







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