Okay, so anyone who’s anyone’s surely heard of Tower of God. It’s a show that’s currently airing and had been gaining a lot of popularity of late.

This is mainly due to the readers of the webtoon who spare no effort in teasing us with the fact that the story is as good as fiction gets and and generating hype for the future of the show.

As a fellow webtoon reader, I can’t help but feel the same.One thing that appears to be a hot topic amongst new fans of the series is the character of Rachel.

*Keep in mind that the following article contains spoilers from the webtoon which have not been adapted yet in the anime


Rachel is a girl who, like Bam, is not of the tower. She was the first and only person Baam ever knew prior to his entry of the tower and was also the person who gave him a name, but she left him to climb the tower.

“This world is so dark…I can’t stand living in it anymore. I’m sorry Baam… I’m sorry… Please forget about me. So that I could be reborn.”

Rachel to Baam



Well, now that we’re done with the brief introduction lets get to the good stuff and tell you what she’s really like. This was a surprising twist that came at the end of the first season of Tower of God. Turns out Rachel is actually classified as an irregular.

It was revealed by Headon that she was in fact not chosen to climb the tower but got in by accident, as it was stated by SIU in a blog post that it was Baam who opened the door of the tower, and Rachel just happened to fall into the tower through it. Crazy right?



Sorry. Baam. You have to die here.

Now for all we know, this is the moment that changed Tower of God forever! It was the event that truly kick-started the story.

“Baam!! Remember!! Never betray another!! Betraying is bad! No matter what happens, you must never betray another person! Especially not a woman. If you betray a woman, the world’s ceiling will collapse.

This was a phrase that Rachel used to tell Baam during their time outside the tower. Ironically, she would also betray Baam during the final test on the 2nd floor, thus making her the most hated webtoon character ever. The author, SIU has stated that she is actually the female protagonist of the story and is actually quite charming girl once you get to know her (like hell she is 😑)



The tower is a dangerous place, and the people who climb it are not good people. I honestly believe the only truly good person in the tower is Baam.

Rachel is many things; she’s a liar, manipulative, pathologically self-righteous, a hypocrite, not to mention sociopathic! Khun described her as “A sly woman” , she does in fact acknowledge this to be fact but also counters with the following words;

Sly woman? Yes, you may be right. But to someone else, I’m the brightest woman ever. That’s right. To that guy, I’m somewhat like a star. A star that shines so bright. That’s what I should be like to that guy.

Rachel to Khun, obviously talking about Baam.

She does things underhandedly and doesn’t seem to see any wrong in betraying those who’ve put trust in her, even going as far as to exploit Baam’s feelings towards her just so that she could escape to the hell train after the workshop battle.



Another betrayal! Well, this was surprising, considering the fact that Khun knew she Killed Baam and was actually planning on killing her later.

It also showed just how far Rachel was willing to go to achieve here goals, be that working with fug or setting traps to ambush and kill Khun. This plan would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Baam.

The only thing she really succeeded in doing was just making us hate her more and send Khun down the path Revenge.


I don’t know if you’ve called it yet, but Tower of God’s Rachel is basically a big b****.

So let me summarise:

In the world of Tower of God,which is mostly populated by a lot of morally grey people, Rachel is portrayed as an individual who truly doesn’t see anything other than her goal as something of value.

She also regularly lies, manipulates and betrays people for no apparent reason. Claiming that she felt threatened by the fact that Baam would gain new friends and leave her in the dark, she betrayed him all for her selfish desire to climb the tower so she could see the stars.

I mean come on, people actually compare her to Griffith from Berserk. If that isn’t hate, then I dunno what is.

What are your thoughts in Rachel as a character?


      1. Well that’s a bit harsh but it’s eminent. She is a jerk most of the time but hey, she’s a core character too. There’s always gotta be that bad nut.


  1. I have read some of your posts and mostly I find them really good. You are exemplary in explaining the depht of the characters but sadly not quite this time. This time i find you a bit biased. I agree Rachel is the worst but she is also one of the most jealous people in the series and because of that I feel sorry for her. I dont know if you know fullmetal alchemist (brotherhood – if anime) but Envy is a great example. Someone who never appreciate what you have been blessed with and only wish for what others have. She blames Baam because of her envy which makes her lose the few things by her side. And I can only see that as sad.

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    For me the best Part in Tower of God was when baam finaly decide that she is not her priority anymore, and just say that if she put any of his friends in danger, he will not
    hesitate to kill her, and her image of a star falling apart. best time. (just for someone don’t remember, I am almost sure that this happen in the train)

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