The first season of Tower of god has come to an end, and if I may say … it was one hell of an ending.

Damn!  The reactions were quite expected as Baam was betrayed? It’s simple really. In the end, he’s just so lovable.  So this is essentially a rant discussing the things that make BAAM so damn awesome!

First of all, let’s start with his personality. So, off the bat, we know Baam to be a genuinely nice guy. Even after Rachel’s consistent betrayal, Baam was always ready to forgive her.

I know it’s sometimes annoying, but if you where in his shoes I’m sure you’d also want to know why the only one who ever cared for you suddenly changed and tried to kill you. Baam’s innocent face, character, and genuine heart make it easy to empathize with him. Even the princess of Zahard wasn’t safe, gifting him her Black March, and if there’s anything we know about Yuri Jahad, it’s that she is not very charitable.

Now although Jyu Viole Grace brought a different layer to our boy Baam, (with him joining Fug and all) his core fundamentals were never shaken. Baam still remained a guy who would do anything to save his friends. So, yeah! Baam is a really nice guy but that’s not all there is to him.

Baam is also a quick study.  Now, this is one of the things that make Baam so over-powered. Baam as we all know entered the Tower with no knowledge of Shinsu. But after training hard and taking the wave controller class, Baam became an expert at controlling and manipulating shinsu.

Ren has acknowledged him, stating that he is the most talented regular and even going as far as to state that Baam could become a candidate for the Royal Enforcement Division if he ever became a Ranker. That is saying a lot, considering just how powerful Zahard’s force is, and let’s not forget, this is Tower of god we are talking about.

If you remember the hide and seek test correctly Quant Blitz decided to teach Baam his Fast skip technique to give him false hope of saving Rachel because this technique takes decades to master even for a Ranker and it is virtually impossible to master it in a short amount of time, but Baam was able to instantly learn how to use the technique right after seeing it.

So quick study might be an understatement but you get the idea!

Finally, Baam’s raw power! Baam’s power is so great that when he decided to make a contract with the Guardian on the test floor(2nd floor), the Guardian told him that for a person like him, a contract would be more like shackles!!

Yeah, crazy right? Baam without any prior knowledge of shinsu was able to withstand Leroro’s power when Lero-ro decided to cull the Regulars. A shinsu wall that was able to push the likes of Khun Aguero, Rak, and Anak of all people, wasn’t enough to make Baam flinch even a little, and the amazing thing is he just keeps getting stronger. After Rachel’s second betrayal, Baam obtained a portion of Eryu’s infamous power ‘The Thorn’.

This guy already has a strong affinity to shinsu and obtains a portion of a power used to kill a Floor Guardian. Not only that, but Baam also gains the power of the Red Thryssa a powerful being that came into existence from the corpse of the Guardian of the 43rd Floor (Floor of Death), gains the other pieces of The Thorn and the power from the souls of more than a thousand vengeful spirits, The kid is just amazing.


Every powerful person he crosses acknowledges him.  As if that was not enough, Baam also went toe to toe with the almighty Urek Mazino and was even able to make him bleed. That’s crazy if you think about it. The 4th strongest Ranker in the tower was scratched by a regular who hadn’t even gotten to the 30th floor.

Tower of God truly is awesome, and 25th Baam makes it Legendary!! So hyped for season 2, hope it comes out soon aaaannnd I’m out!

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