Attack on Titan has been phenomenal throughout it’s run, and as things head to a close we can’t help but wonder what life will be like without these characters we’ve come to love so soo much.

Feels like just yesterday when we first saw the assault on Shiganshima, it feels like yesterday when we first saw Eren and his comrades join the survey corps. I still get geekasms everytime I rewatch the beast titan’s first appearance, God it’s truly been great, but sadly all good things must come to an end.

So before it ends, and we have to say goodbye to these amazing people, we figured why not a recap, this is rookiepencil’s take on Attack on Titan’s top 10 characters.



I’m sure we all remember this fellow and his dreams of joining the military police. Jean just had to be on this list. I’ve seen him grow so much and transform from the cynic he once was to a leader in every sense of the word.

Jean’s courage , loyalty, determination and sheer strength of character has been a beauty to watch, he’s the one guy who has kept us all grounded in this madness, I mean attack on titan is filled with so many over the top badasses and titan shifters it can get pretty intense.

Jean since day one has been that normal guy, he’s no genius with titan shifting powers or ackerman genes like some of the others but despite everything he’s as normal as they get, a regular guy who has somehow found the courage to continue living and fighting up till now and that alone says tons about what a great character he truly is.


Next up is Hange, she really is one of a kind now isn’t she? When we first met her it was hard for anyone to conclude on anything other than weirdo 😂😂, which admittedly she still is or at least was… but we have seen she’s so much more. A genius certainly, but a scout and friend.

Her stint as commander was amazing, she was no Erwin but she didn’t need to be, she was the survey corps’ Hange Zoe and exactly what the corps needed at the time. Her death in the more recent chapters utterly crushed me, but she died as any scout would have, sacrificing her life for the mission and her comrades, dedicating her heart to the cause, fighting until the very end.

The world needs more Hange’s and that said it was lucky to have her while it did.


Mikasa is definitely a fan favorite and for good reason. Her devotion to Eren is just admirable, no matter what some might say or think. Seeing her bloom these past three seasons has been simply amazing, she has not changed very much and perhaps that is one of the things that have made her so great.

Then again her transformation from a helpless child to the titan killing monstrosity she is was just magnificent, seeing her come to terms with the cruelty that defines her world and still push forward with such courage and tenacity has truly been inspiring.

Mikasa fights because she’s strong, stronger than most and that strength has not faded in the least. Mikasa is free, she always has been and she has the courage to use that freedom to silently but adamantly keep her hopes alive and chase her greatest desires.


Oh Reiner, strong, steady, powerful Reiner. I still vividly remember when we were first introduced to him and Berthold, he in particular stood out, that beacon that Eren was so drawn to. It is easy to paint him a victim of circumstance, a man constantly forced into committing acts he simply cannot forgive himself for, but he is so much more.

Reiner has never truly been a victim, though yes he has struggled and found himself mere inches away from his breaking point, but deep within Reiner has always been the man willing to push forward and do what duty demands of him, no matter how scared he has been, or how heavy the weight was.

In the end perhaps there are some weights we are just not to bear, but seeing him struggle with so much guilt and trauma and still fight on and on and on, there could have been no better choice for the armored titan.


Whenever I see Armin there is only one thing that comes to mind…..“the man who got to see the sea.” Armin since day one has had so much hope, he is bright and pragmatic but still so hopeful and man has it paid off.

Armin was the first to admit there would come a time when the walls would not be enough, and even when they did fall, despite his understanding of the situation he still had hope for better days, he still had hope he would see the sea, and he did, after all is said and done he did.

Even now as things take a turn for the worst , Armin is still putting that wit of his to use, holding on to his greatest hopes for as long as he can, but willing to sacrifice it all for the greater good. Armin has never needed anyone to fight for him, he’s strong enough to take on the world on his own terms.


Oh Annie, sweet, lovely beautiful Annie, Ishida really did us in keeping her entrapped in that crystal for so long, even so she still deserved a spot here. The girl who simply wanted to see her father again, wanted to see him happy, it has been amazing seeing how those wishes and dreams have molded her, despite what she would have everyone think.

The dreaded female titan, a killer, a real killer in every sense of the word with seemingly no struggle, but so much more. A fighter, a protector, a soldier. Even now, and no matter what happens I’m confident Annie will find the inner strength and vitality to continue the fight wherever she is, wherever she is needed.


Zeke is a pretty scary guy, let’s just put it that way. He’s not a particularly nice person but it’s hard to say how much of that has been molded by trauma and how much of that is actually his own doing.

In many ways I feel for him, it is a terribly difficult predicament he was in, but Zeke has always been one to make his own choices, put his own fate in his own hands, in his own way he has fought to bring peace to the world and it has been magnificent watching him do that.

I don’t care what anyone says, the beast titan has simply been one of the best things to happen to Attack on Titan….period!


Erwin Smith was just a beauty to watch, honestly! Every scene was just him on display, it was as if he always knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I guess one scene describes him perfectly…..forwaaaard!!!!…… you know the scene!

Even in the jaws of a titan, I’ve always wondered what could make a man so fearless, then it hit me, he had made up his mind to die. Erwin knew as commander of the scouts his death was inevitable, but he had resolved if he was going to die, it certainly wouldn’t be for nothing and it most certainly wouldn’t be without a fight!

I really feel sorry for Marley, I honestly do. Quite frankly it mattered little whatever advantages they held, as long as Eldia had commanders like this nutjob and soldiers crazy enough to follow him, there was simply no way they would lose!


Levi Ackerman, what am I even supposed to say….most men flee from titans, titans bloody hell flee from him, just ask Zeke! So Levi is strong, really strong, he’s tough and he can handle shit, but I think his most defining trait is his willingness to do good.

Levi would have no problem been on his own, sitting out this war, selling his sword to the highest bidder, but none of that matters to him. He fights for his country, his commander, his friends.

He puts life and limb in harms way everyday, so his homeland and people can see a better tomorrow. Yes, he’s hard and strong but he’s good, he’s a very good man.


And finally Eren Yeager, quite honestly the most selfish and hard headed individual to grace the pages of any manga. Eren knows what he wants, he knows what he needs to do to get it and you’d be damned if you tried to get in his way.

That is what Eren is, what he has always been, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of justice, what matters is what he thinks of justice. He need not concern himself with the beliefs of others, it’s simple….. they have theirs, he has his, let who ever wants it more have it.

That is Eren Yeager, and goodness help us no matter what he becomes, who he becomes, or what he does….. Eren will always be ATTACK ON TITAN’S GREATEST CHARACTER!

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