Attack on titan as a series has always been quite a weird show. Naked giants called eating regular people like food for no apparent reason, three giant walls that were supposedly built to stop human extinction, the dark and gritty tone of the world, etc. But right now, with the premiere of the final season out, a lot of questions we’ve been asking since the start have been pretty much all answered, with the exception of a few plot twists coming later.

The anime just concluded the adaptation of Liberio raid arc and with this also revealed the last of the 9 titan shifters; the warhammer titan. It’s been quite a ride these past few seasons so just a final recap on the what these nine titans are and what they can do…..let’s get into it!!!


The first of the nine on this list to be introduced in the series, this titan very much lives up to its title of ‘colossal’ due to its sheer size. It is stated to be over 60 metres tall, which makes it just big enough to peep over the massive Wall Maria.

It is known for being having skin so hot that it makes it hard get close to with 3D maneuvering gear and also for the fact that the shifter can also learn to control the amount of heat generated by the body as a defense mechanism. Other things to note are the fact that the Marleyans seem to call it a ‘god of destruction’ due to the huge explosion that occurs when the wielder transforms which on its own is enough to take down large cities.

The current wielder of this titan power is Armin Arlert.


Like the colossal titan mentioned earlier, this titan is also seen very early on in the series, specifically in the second episode of season 1 when it breaks down the gate connecting Shiganshina to the main border of Wall Maria.

It is a well built, 15 metre class titan with hardened plates all over its body that give it a good boost in both offense and defense while lowering its speed to some extent. It is known for its defensive capabilities and can take a lot more damage than most other shifters. That doesn’t mean its invincible though as its current wielder is probably the shifter with the most losses but hey, who’s counting?😂

The current wielder of this titan power is Reiner Braun.


The first person to be revealed as a titan shifter, of course it’s gonna be the MC. It was a shocking turn of events when this titan was revealed but as mentioned earlier, this show has so much going on that it makes this look trivial.

This titan is 15 metres tall, with a muscular build. It has no features that stand out other than the fact that its an intelligent titan. Pretty much a good fit for an originally bland protagonist like Eren, no? But with good use of tactics and martial arts Eren has put this titan to good use in his short time with it.

The current wielder of this titan power is Eren Yeager.


Oh, my heart weeps whenever I hear her name. Those were my honest feelings after completing the season 1 finale. But looking back, compared to all the twist that come after the first season the reveal of the female titan’s identity was quite obvious if you paid attention.

Much like the title implies, this 14 metre class titan takes on a more female appearance compared to most. It doesn’t have any particular strong points other than its incredibly high stamina and ability to harden its body parts. Add in its wielder’s mastery over martial arts and their ability to summon pure titans as well as selectively heal certain parts of their body and this unit is more than enough to be considered one of the strongest characters in the series.

The current wielder of this titan power is Annie Leonhart.


Is it an ape? a monkey? no, its a beast! I’m sure we all had a similar reaction when we first laid our eyes on this hulk of a being.

As the name implies, this titan looks more akin to an ape-like beast with its body that’s covered in fur as well as its unusually elongated arms and fingers. It also possesses terrifying strength and precision, using it long arms to accurately throw projectiles across large battlefields. To make it even more terrifying, it can turn people into titans via some unknown method and accurately control them by issuing commands. Truly a being worthy of the title “War Chief”.

The current wielder of this titan power is Zeke Yeager.


This unit is the definition of “small but mighty”. The titan with arguably the most offensive power with its hardened claws and face. It is capable of outmaneuvering and breaking through the defenses of all normal weapons and titans. As seen above it specializes in fast and sharp claw attacks while occasionally using its abnormally tough jaw to bite on enemies and defeat or immobilize them

The current wielder of this titan power is Porco Galliard.


I believe it goes without saying that this very likely the weakest of the nine titan shifters. A 4 metre class that runs on its four limbs with incredible speed. It is a very good unit for supporting armies on the battlefield but as its only selling point is its incredible amount of stamina which allows the user to stay in titan form for a much longer time than most other shifters. It doesn’t deem suited to combat as it is more reliable at support or info gathering.

The current wielder of this titan power is Pieck.


The last titan to make it’s appearance. The warhammer is an utter monster.

This titan is covered from head to toe in hardened crystal, giving it a tough and sturdy armor. It also possesses the ability to create and manipulate a hardened crystalline substance similar to what titan shifters use as armor. It can create different weapons from this hardened material as well such as a warhammer, sword or bow as well as create titan bodies that do not require the shifter be in them to control them.

The current wielder of this titan power is Eren Yeager.


Well well well,…

I’m gonna be brief with this cos the info on this is too much. This is the strongest titan transformation due to its ability to turn anyone into a titan as well as the God-like control it gives its user over all the Eldian people. When activated with the prerequisite of having royal blood, the founding Titan basically makes one as close as they can be to becoming a god on Earth The current wielder of this titan power is Eren Yeager.

I really wanted to discuss all that we’ve been through in more detail, but the anime is still behind the manga so unfortunately I’ll have to wait quite some time before I can spill everything I know. Did you enjoy the list? Comment your favourite one of the nine titans below.


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