So if you’ve not completed the manga, be warned massive spoilers ahead. Now with that out of the way, let’s get into it.

So by the end of attack on Titan, Eren dies. After he starts the rumbling nearly succeeding in destroying the whole world it takes all the scouts have to stop him.

In the end Eren dies by Mikasa’s hand with her beheading him, but after all was said and done I had to ask myself, was this Eren’s inevitable fate?

I think from day one everyone was uncertain as to what his fate would be in the end. I know a lot of us kind of expected Eren would die but the way the story was going it was really difficult to tell.

Mikasa holding Eren’s head

This is not the first time Eren “dies”. When the story began lets not forget for a couple of chapters it genuinely seemed like he was a goner, only for him to reemerge suddenly as a titan.

Does that mean I think Eren is not dead? No he’s dead we can be sure of that, but it does have me thinking he did not have to end this way. Whatever Eren saw after kissing Historia’s hand clearly shook him.

Many have speculated it was the future that came to pass, but if that’s the case could he not just have avoided it?

I suppose from a certain perspective Eren’s decisions make sense. The Eldians had been at war with Marley for a long time and the rumbling was certainly a definitive way to end the conflict, but was it the only way, did it have to be the only way?

I think the simple answer is no! It did not have to be this way, but knowing Eren Jeagar what else could anyone have expected?


Eren moments before death

So before we get into the inevitability of Eren’s death I think it’s fair we first discuss how Eren got here and I think it all start’s with Eren’s morality.

It is safe to argue that by the end of the manga Eren was evil, plain and simple. Was it justified? Is evil ever justified. He killed children, he killed innocents and as he himself has stated he was no different to what Berthold and Reiner were when Attack on titan first started.

Eren kills Mikasa’s kidnappers

In fact he might have been worse, but the question is; why did Eren turn evil? or has he been evil from the start? It’s tempting to take certain instances from his childhood like him killing a couple of kidnappers in cold blood and chalk it up to Eren has been evil since childhood, but killing in self defense is different from all out genocide.

Eren’s turn to evil was a rather gradual process, I think it started with the loss of his mum. The day Eren made that vow to kill all the titans, he made it with hate in his heart, a thirst for vengeance and it happened at such a young age as well.

Eren vows to kill all the titans

It is here I believe that Eren took his first steps down the path that would eventually devour his entire being. The path to evil. That said, there were many more steps that Eren would have to take to get to where things ended.

Eren and Zeke

The deaths and atrocities he encountered while serving with the survey corps and then the mental strain that the powers of the founding titan thrust upon him and finally I don’t think his association with Zeke helped very much.

All these factored into the psychology of the man who would eventually end the world, the man Eren would become and perhaps they were major factors that would inevitably seal his fate.


From the on set it seems like a rather simple question with a straight forward answer. Who killed Eren? You wouldn’t be wrong to say Mikasa, after all it was she who swung the blade. It was by her hands he died but as usual a closer inspection would reveal things were not that simple.

I don’t need to convince anyone that killing Eren was the last thing Mikasa wanted. In fact I’m sure she would have done everything to avoid that had she been given the opportunity and in many ways she did.

I am tempted to say she had little choice, but we always have a choice. Mikasa chose to swing the blade whatever her reasons were, but it was a choice spurred on by Eren. One he took every step to force and in a sense ensure.

Eren and Ymir

No one states it better than him when he states “to achieve my own I took the world’s freedom, but I won’t steal yours, you are free”. Mikasa was free, she still had a choice, but it was a predictable one engineered by Eren making it little of a choice to be honest.

Mikasa may have swung the blade but considering Eren could have killed them all had he really wanted to, it’s safe to assume that Eren’s death was really spurred on by himself.


Mikasa has always adored Eren, that is no secret and Eren knew this. He went so far as to call her a slave because of this and her instincts to protect him however she could. It was for this same reason that she killed him, another perversion of Eren’s making.

Mikasa understood that Eren could only respect and therefore love someone who he deemed to have full agency, someone who was not a slave. Who did not just serve the whims of others and she wanted his love more than anything. She really wanted to be with him but she wanted him to love her even more.

Mikasa kissing Eren

I think she believed had she spared him there was no way he could respect and therefore love her. She needed to prove to him she wasn’t his slave, quite frankly I don’t think she would have minded been Eren’s slave as long as he loved her.

It is for this reason she chose to oppose him, I honestly don’t think she cared much about what happened to the world, but she needed to prove herself worthy of his love and in a pathetically twisted unfortunate sequence of events engineered by none other than Eren, killing him seemed like the only way to prove it.

Eren free

So in the end was Eren’s death inevitable? I’m not completely sure. I like to think it was, but the kind of man Eren would prove to be makes me completely uncertain. I do know one thing for certain though, by the end of the manga Eldia was free, Mikasa was free and Eren, was free

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