I have always been an avid fan of the invincible comic and anyone who has watched the show or read the comics does not need to be told. Invincible characters are some of the most unique ones you will find out there.

Invincible also happens to house some of the most powerful characters in comic books as a medium, today we we will be ranking Invincible’s ten most powerful characters from the show. So without much ado let’s get into it.


Omni man

Omni man is without a doubt one of the most powerful as far as Invincible characters go. There was no doubt he was the most powerful in the show, I mean it cost all of 4 billion dollars to simply give him a nose bleed and even then just barely. Include his other feats such as taking down the guardians and stopping a meteor the size of Texas it is easy to see why Omni man takes the top spot without a doubt.


Battle Beast

Next up on the list is Battle beast! Battle Beast is without a doubt a real beast in the Invincible universe. One of the more popular and brutal characters … trust me that’s saying a a lot… Battle Beast has time and time again has demonstrated he’s truly a beast on the field and one no one wants to mess with. It therefore comes as no surprise he takes number two on the list.


Cecil Stedman

Some may be wondering ….really? …. Yes really! This is the list of the most powerful Invincible characters not the strongest and Cecil definitely fits in that regard. As the director of the Global Defense Agency (GDA) Cecil wields considerable power with a vast amount of the planet’s resource at his disposal. Cecil has also demonstrated why he’s indeed the most suitable candidate for the job and more than deserving of his spot on the list.


The immortal

The immortal had it rather rough in Invincible’s first season. Dying once at Omniman’s hands only to be revived and killed again by the same Omniman. That does not change the fact that he is still one of the most powerful characters as far as the show is concerned. We got to see him shine a bit before been unceremoniously done in by Omniman and with that said his spot on the list is fair to say the least.


War Woman

War woman shared a similar fate to immortal, but unlike him perhaps fortunately or unfortunately she stayed dead. That said prior to her dying she demonstrated why she was selected as a member of the Guardians of the globe. She has more than earned her spot on this list.


Machine head

Machine Head may be a jerk, does not change the fact that he’s an extremely powerful jerk. As the leader of a powerful criminal organization Machine Head holds a lot of power and influence. Beyond that his hyper intellect makes him a deadly adversary as well. I do it begrudgingly but Machine Head takes the sixth spot on the list.



I know we see Mark get beat up a lot but doesn’t change the fact he is one of the most powerful characters on the show. In fact if anything it highlights it. As a half viltrumite Mark is without a doubt one of the more power invincible characters out there. Though he’s no where near his dad yet its only a matter of time earning him a place on the list.


Atom Eve

Next up is Atom Eve. Eve is certainly potentially one of the most powerful characters in the entirety of the invincible franchise. Her powers over the molecular structure of objects make her a force to be reckoned with. She still has a lot of room for growth, yet still she has shown time and time again why she deserves her spot on this list.


Red Rush

It was painful seeing Red Rush bite it, but before doing so he made sure to show us why he was one of the OGs as far as Invincible characters go. His speed made him deadly but what made him deadlier was how he used it. Rush is without a doubt one of the most powerful characters Invincible had to offer.



Last on the list is Titan. Titan had an amazing arc this season. After much deliberation I concluded that it was only fair he made the list. By the end of the season he’s leading Machine head’s crime organization giving him power over immense resources. Couple that with his ability to turn his skin to stone and it’s easy to see why he certainly deserves his place on this list.


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