Everyone absolutely loved Naruto, so it was rather surprising when people turned out to hate Boruto instead. Why is this so and what exactly has Boruto done to be so hated in the anime community, that is what we’ll be discussing today.

When Boruto was first announced everyone was quite pumped to get to see Naruto all grown up and see how he would interact with his son. Fans were also eager to see Boruto in action as he seemed to have a lot in common with his father. Then the movie was released and all that changed.

Naruto and Boruto

It got even worse as the anime progressed and fans everywhere could not help but display their hate for Boruto. In many ways, it was almost reminiscent of the hate the fandom had for Sakura and Sasuke at a point in time.

The main reason I’ve gathered for Boruto being so hated is that he is a bit of a spoiled brat, or rather a very spoiled brat. Throughout the anime fans have been quick to point out his unfair treatment of Naruto as the show progressed and the general manner in which he has carried himself.

Boruto, Naruto and Kawaki

He is cocky, arrogant, and in many ways full of himself. His main problem with Naruto has been the fact that Naruto has barely made time for him and his sister Hinamawari ever since he became Hokage. This is understandable of course, any son would want attention from their father but what has really riled up the fanbase is the manner in which Boruto has acted up.

It has been rather selfish as he has had no consideration for Naruto’s position either. I can understand the sentiment from a lot of fans but I for one think this is almost to be expected as Boruto is really still a child. What I find rather amusing is just how similar he is to Naruto when Naruto was that age.

When the manga first started many could not stand Naruto for the way he acted out and now they can barely do the same for Boruto, but I think this is how the author intended for it to be as we have seen Boruto grow since then.


He still has a long way to go, but he has come so far from where he was when the anime first started. We also got to see a glimpse of him in the future, and he seems to have changed a lot. for one thing, he is not as noisy, and though he remains confident he does not seem as stuck up.

So why is Boruto hated? In the end, it’s very simple, he’s a spoiled brat!

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