Here is the list of manhwas you should be reading right now! In no particular order, Let’s get into it.

Her summon

Her summon is an Isekai manhwa written by Park Jinjoon. This follows an otaku by the name Jin Kyung who shuts himself away from the world after an incident and surrounds himself with 2D friends. One day he gets summoned into a world filled with magic by a petit girl who wants his help. Can he help her? Find out for yourself. This manhwa’s world-building and art are so amazing. So, check it out. 

Limit breaker

This follows Kim Kibong who due to an unknown error was trapped in an awakening test for 3000 years. In the real world, however, 10 years have passed, and it is overrun by monsters and dungeons. The battle now begins for Kim Kibong, who returned with the max level, to restore the world back to the way it was! If you want a badass character with crazy abilities, this is definitely for you.

The player that can’t level up

This manhwa follows the protagonist Kim GiGyu who awakened as a player at the age of 18. Coming from a poor family, he thought his life was on the track to success, climbing the tower and closing ‘the gates’. But even after clearing the tutorial, he was still level 1. Even after 5 years, he was still level 1. “Who would have thought a player of this kind would exist” no one knew. I really enjoyed reading this one and I think you would too. So, give it a shot.

Return of the frozen player

5 years after the world changed, the final boss appeared. Defeating her would mean their lives would go back to normal. The top five players in the world, including Specter Seo Jun-ho, finally defeated the Frost queen. But they fell into a deep slumber. 25 years passed and a second floor appeared. It didn’t end with the Frost queen. After a long time, Specter awakes from his slumber.

Dungeon reset

This is a manhwa developed by Ant studio and Daul. Once a Dungeon has been explored and its traps are activated, it resets itself for the next ‘users’. But those resets don’t apply to Jeong Dawoon. The only existence that has become free in the endless resetting dungeon. Armed with absolute grinding, Jeong Dawoon ‘the bug’ begins his dungeon exploration.

Arcane sniper

A manhwa about a hyper-realistic fantasy game. Sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game (Middle Earth), presents a new life to him. Money obtained on Middle Earth has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! With nothing but Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods, LeeHa is prepared to show everyone he’s the real deal.

Murim login

This manhwa was written by Zerobic and Jang Cheol-Byuk. Set in an era where hunters thrive on hunting monsters that come from Gates. Jin tae-kyung is a low-rank hunter who picks up a VR machine, and accidentally logs into the game. A game set in a world of martial arts. After many ups and downs, Tae-Kyung is able to escape this world. But the strength and skills, which he received in the game are able to be carried over back to the real world. This allows him to continue making a living as a hunter. But he decides to return back to the Murim world out of care for his npc friends.

Survival story of a sword king in a fantasy world

A very exciting manhwa written by Lim Kyung Bae and studio khit. This follows Ryu Han-bin who was a normal person who’d just been discharged from his mandatory military service when he was transported to another world. Left to fend for himself, he was given the goal of surviving and growing stronger in a desolate world riddled with monsters. The problem is the ‘Guideline’ that was supposed to be his guiding system to survive, is filled with errors.

Solo spell caster

Written by Cheongcho and Minchoba, solo spell caster follows ordinary salaryman Park Do-hyuk, who finally gets the awakening he had always wished for in a life or death situation. Unbelievably, the memories and experiences from the game he spent his entire life playing in his twenties became the powers he had when he awakened. What’s more, it was a one in a billion-triple awakening. The player Do-hyuk’s journey picks up how, as he aims to reach the world’s peak.

Leveling up, by only eating

Last on the list is a manhwa by Park Min Gyu about a boy stricken by a rare condition that affects only two people in the entire world, (bulimic deficiency). He organizes his daily meals to survive, but his hope of survival grows dimmer a s the days o by. He consults a doctor who suggests playing the Alternate reality game ‘Athens’, where he can as much as he wants without gaining any weight. He plays the game to save his life and row in strength by doing nothing but eating.

All these manhwas are amazing with breath-taking world-building and exciting characters so check them out.

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