Now, the Android gaming community is filled with a variety of mouth-watering choices. You can go from action-based, sports, racing; trust me, the list is endless. And, it’s as easy as finding your favourite app store and selecting the game you want. But as you remain here, let’s pass one awesome addition your way, Mech Arena

Coming from the studios of Plarium, this person vs person (PvP) gaming app comes with an interesting environment as well as sweltering action that will keep you glued; different “mechs” to play around with, different weapons of choice for your ideal decimation, and loads of fun. With about ten million downloads, it has captured many active pilots who go onto the battlefield and light things up. But is that all to Mech Arena?


As stated before, Mech Arena is a PvP mech shooter game where you can choose from a number of mech, alongside available weapons to deal a great level of damage to enemy mechs. The game consists various modes and their respective requirements. You can battle on different stylized maps (mostly random in selection). Mechs come with special abilities as well as multiple skins that suit your taste. There are options that allow you to play with in-game friends, and don’t hesitate if you find this thrilling and you’d want to invite people who have no idea what they’re missing. Remember, you get an extra something something.


In general, every pilot gets to play in one of two modes they want. There’s the Control Point Clash (CPC), where a team of five manage to capture as aa many control points as possible, while destroying enemy mechs. For winning, you’ve got to have the most influence – usually 100 – or destroy all enemy mechs.

The other is the five versus five (5v5) and two vs two (2v2) deathmatches, where your team should amass the most kills to win a round. The best of three rounds wins the deathmatch. You also get to join tournaments (usually 5v5) to go up the ranks and gain some rewards.


The progress path tracks a pilot’s progress as they earn experience points (XP). These points unlock new mechs and weapons, along with other rewards. The higher you go, you get a level up.


Probably, you’ve noticed the use of “mech” more times than you’ve sipped you juice, or so I think. Anyways, these “mechs” are the robots used in combat. There are different mechs to choose from – as long as you have them unlocked. Mechs could be picked based on their strengths, abilities and roles. Lancer, Juggernaut, Paragon, Killshot, Ares, Shadow, Cheetah, Redox, Surge, Brickhouse, Arachnos, and now, two new introductions to the party, Stalker and Tengu. All you have to do is unlock, select, decimate.


As you win games and gain rewards, you earn credits and A-coins.  Along with other real-life transactions (if you’re able), credits and A-coins are the main means of purchasing stuff in the game.


Well, pilots – aside the actual player of the game – are a new feature in the mech arena world. Aside the robots, these pilots have a distinct set of skills that, combined with the right mech, can give enemy mech a hard time warding you off. Pilots are coupled with implants that boost their ability to cause maximum damage.


The game randomly presents events, where you can win prizes from credits to blueprints (for mech upgrade) to mech skins. You can participate in these events, fulfill the necessary requirements and earn your prize.


One downside is the fact that some upgrades are pretty expensive. If there’s nothing to spend, it’ll be difficult to upgrade and win battles. Simply, the game will mostly favour those who are willing to spend. However, if you persevere, and you’re able to rack up a lot of resources, you can get very good mechs, weapons, pilots, amongst others. Another option is to participate in giveaways by partners of the game. One that can be recommended is Scape211 on YouTube.


Mech Arena is pretty darn amazing. You could get glued to it for hours without realizing time. Why don’t you give it a try? After all, there’s a lot you’re missing. You can download on your playstore, app store or download Bluestacks to play on PC. See you on the battlefield.

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